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EditRinex Application



The EditRinex application provides an effective Swiss army knife for RINEX applications. EditRinex will open and read one RINEX file, apply editing commands, and write the modified RINEX data to another RINEX file(s). Input is on the command line, or of the same format in a file (-f).

Command Summary

Optional arguments:

-f --file File containing more options.
-l --log Output log file name.
-h --help Print syntax and quit.
-d --debug Print extended output info.
-v --verbose Print extended output info.
  <REC> RINEX editing commands - following:

Rinex Editor commands:


Commands consist of an identifier and a comma-delimited data field; they may be separated by space(s) '--id ' (two minuses) or not '-id' (one minus).

Examples are '--IF myFile' or '-IFmyFile'; '--HDc msg' or '--HD cmsg' or '-HDcmsg'; --BZ or -BZ; '--DD +<SV,OT,t>' or '--DD+ <SV,OT,t>' or '-DD+<SV,OT,t>'.

The data field contains no whitespace and sub-fields are comma-delimited. is a RINEX 'system & id' identifier, e.g. G27 (= GPS PRN 27); satellite system alone denotes 'all satellites this system', e.g. 'R' (GLONASS).

<OT> is a RINEX observation type, e.g. L1 or P2, and is case sensitive.

File Input/Output
-IF<file> Input RINEX observation file name. This is required. May be repeated.
-ID<dir> Directory in which to find input file.
-OF<f>,<time> Output RINEX file name. This is required.
-OD<dir> Directory in which to put output file(s).
Output RINEX Header
-HDf If present, fill optional records in the output RINEX header.
-HDp<program> Set output RINEX header 'program' field.
-Hdr<run_by> Set output RINEX header 'run by' field.
-Hdo<observer> Set output RINEX header 'observer' field.
-HDa<agency> Set output RINEX header 'agency' field.
-Hdx<x,y,z> Set output RINEX header 'position' field to ECEF position (x,y,z).
-Hdm<marker> Set output RINEX header 'marker' field.
-Hdn<number> Set output RINEX header 'number' field.
-Hdc<comment> Add comments to output RINEX header (more than one allowed).
-Hdc Delete all comments in output RINEX header. This cannot delete comments created by subsequent -HDc commands.
Output RINEX Observation Types
See also 'Specific Edit Commands' Below
-AO<OT> Add observation type OT to header and observation data.
-DO<OT> Delete observation type OT entirely (including header).
Time-Related Edit Commands
-TB<time> Begin time: reject data before this time (also used for decimation).
-TE<time> End time: reject data after this time.
-TT<dt> Tolerance in comparing times, in seconds (default = 1 ms).
-TN<dt> Decimate data to epochs = Begin + integer*dt (within tolerance).

Specific edit commands:


(Generally each '+' command (e.g DA+

Delete Commands
-DA+<time> Delete all data beginning at this time.
-DA-<time> Stop deleting data at this time.
-DO<OT> Delete observation type OT entirely (including header).
-DS<SV> Delete all data for satellite SV entirely (SV may be system only).
-DS<SV>,<time> Delete all data for satellite SV at this single time only.
-DS+<SV>,<time> Delete all data for satellite SV beginning at this time.
-DS-<SV>,<time> Stop deleting all data for satellite SV at this time.
-DD<SV,OT,t> Delete a single RINEX datum (SV,OT,t) at time <t>. Deleting data for one OT means setting it to zero, as RINEX requires.
-DD+<SV,OT,t> Delete all (SV,OT) data, beginning at time <t>.
-DD-<SV,OT,t> Stop deleting al (SV,OT) data at time <t>.
Set Commands
-SD<SV,OT,t,d> Set data(SV,OT,t) to <d> at time <t>.
-SS<SV,OT,t,s> Set ssi(SV,OT,t) to <d> at time <t>.
-SL<SV,OT,t,l> Set all lli(SV,OT,t) to <l> at time <t>.
-SL-<SV,OT,t> Stop setting lli(SV,OT,t) to <l> at time <t> (<l> is optional).
-SL <SV,OT,t,l> Set lli(SV,OT,t) to <l> at the single time <t> only.
Bias Commands
-BZ Apply BD commands even when data is zero (i.e. 'missing').
-BD<SV,OT,t,d> Add the value of <d> to data(SV,OT,t) at time <t>. BD commands apply only when data is non-zero unless -BZ appears.
-BD+<SV,OT,t,d> Add the value of <d> to data(SV,OT) at time <t>.
-BD-<SV,OT,t,d> Stop adding <d> to data (SV,OT) at time <t> (<d> optional).
-BS<SV,OT,t,s> Add the value of <s> to ssi(SV,OT,t) at time <t>.
-BL<SV,OT,t,l> Add the value of <l> to lli(SV,OT,t) at time <t>,

Usage examples

Example 1. Changing the APPROX position in the file acor1480.08o to the center of the Earth. Writes a new file called acor1480.08o.mod

user@host:~$ EditRinex -IFacor1480.08o -OFacor1480.08o.mod -HDx0,0,0

Example 2. Removing a satelite, PRN 29, from an observation file, onsa2240.05o. Creates a new file, temp.o.

EditRinex -IFonsa2240.05o -OFtemp.o

Platforms Support Notes

This is a command line application that works on all GPSTk supported operating systems. This includes Linux, Solaris, Max OS/X and Windows.

This application successfully build under these environments: linux-x86, linux-x86_64, solaris-ppc, Windows/.net2005, MacOS/X-Code.

See also:

  • RinSum summarizes the basic features of a RINEX file.
  • ResCor can perform EditRinex commands plus additional ones.

-- NicoleQuindara - 03 Aug 2011

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