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poscvt Transform Tool



This application allows the user to convert among different coordinate systems on the command line. Coordinate systems handled include Cartesian, geocentric, and geodetic.

Command Summary

Optional Arguments:
Short Arg. Long Arg. Description
-d --debug Increase debug level.
-v --verbose Increase verbosity.
-h --help Print help usage.
  --ecef=<POSITION> ECEF "X Y Z" in meters.
  --geodetic=<POSITION> Geodetic "lat lon alt" in deg, deg, meters.
  --geocentric=<POSITION> Geocentric "lat lon radius" in deg, deg, meters.
  --spherical=<POSITION> Spherical "theta, pi, radius" in deg, deg, meters.
-l --list-formats List the available format codes for use by the input and output format options.
-F --output-format=<arg> Write the position with the given format.


> poscvt --ecef="4345070.59253 45619878.26297 803.598856837"

    ECEF (x,y,z) in meters              4345070.5925 45619878.2630 803.5989
    Geodetic (llh) in deg, deg, m       0.00100566 84.55926933 39448197.4795
    Geocentric (llr) in deg, deg, m     0.00100472 84.55926933 45826334.4795
    Spherical (tpr) in deg, deg, m      89.99899528 84.55926933 45826334.4795


If no options are given, poscvt assumes XYZ 0 0 0.

-- NicoleQuindara - 04 Aug 2011

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