Supporting Tools

Jam, a replacement for make. Required to build the GPSTk library. A white paper describing the key functionality and benefits of Jam. A beginner's guide to programming Jam.

Doxygen, a source code documentation engine.

Other Open Source GNSS Projects

The GNSSTk from the University of Calgary.


Tutorials and Indexes

Mike Craymer's list of GPS sites

A GPS Primer (html, pdf) from the Aerospace Corporation. o List of GPS Sites hosted by the U.S. Coast Guard.

Agencies and Authorities

The GPS Directorate (formerly the GPS Wing).

The Coast Guard's GPS site.

The Federal Aviation Administration Satellite Navigation site.

The IS-GPS-200 (formerly the ICD-GPS-200).

The Galileo System.

GPS Receiver Communication Software

SHARC, a project to enable communication to geodetic quality GPS receivers.

OpenSourceGPS, a project to create a GPS receiver in your PC using specific hardware.

SiRF, which provides an open API to interface with commercial grade GPS receivers.

The GPSD project maintains a comprehensive list of (mostly) consumer grade receiver interfaces.

GPS Processing Software

TEQC, the virtual Swiss-army knife for working with RINEX observations.

GAMIT-GLOBK, a software suite for positioning and orbit determination.

Kinematic is a GPL software package for differential GPS positioning.

Projects using the GPSTk

GPS Curve Fitting. Dat Phan at Cal Poly used the GPSTk in a telematics visualization application.

The Fusion Numerics Ionospheric Portal

Worcestire Polytechnic's nanosatellite formation flight program, the Power metallurgy and Navigation SATtelite (PANSAT). Supervisor is Dr. William Michalson.

Diego Berge uses the GPSTk and Qt to create qtSatVis.

Sources of GPS Data

NASA's Crustal Dynamics Data Information System

NGA Precise Ephemeris

Scripps Orbit and Permanent Array Center
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